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Hi! My name is Clara and you’re probably here because you love books, like me! Or maybe you’re looking for a review on a specific novel? ORRR maybe you’ve just stumbled upon my page all of a sudden-like? Whatever your reason is, I’m glad you’re here. Welcome to my little slice of the interwebs!

A Little About Me:

You already know my name is Clara, but I suppose you’re looking for something a little more juicy. First and foremost, I’m a bibliophile. My love for novels is tried, true and has never let me down. Other than that, I’m a wife, dog mom and serious cactus enthusiast. My love for cacti is only SLIGHTLY eclipsed by my love for books. The cacti obsession is very much alive and real in our household. I say “our household” because I live with my very supportive (of the book/cacti obsession) and loving husband. We have two adorable dog babies, Yoda and Scarlet (AKA Little Girl BKA Satan).

But enough about me! You’re here for the good stuff!

On this site you’ll find book reviews and recommendations for various genres.

Eventually, I’d like to launch a book club and email list for us to use, but that is a little ways away into the future. In the meantime, visit me on Pinterest or Instagram using the links below.

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