Stacks on Deck – August 2017

To Be Read – August 2017

Hi guys! It is the end of one month and the beginning of a new one which meansssss …. drumroll please …. NEW BOOK GOALS!

August is my birthday month and even though I’m going to be an old lady (26 years old. THE HORROR!), I’m really, really, REALLY excited about the books I’ve set out to read this month.


As you can see below, I like a little bit of everything and I don’t want to limit myself to one specific genre.

THERE’S A WHOLE WORLD OF BOOKS OUT THERE GUYS! Explore. Learn. Grow. It’ll feel good.

Here are the books on deck for August 2017:

The Night Child


1st: The Night Child by Anna Quinn (NetGalley read)

I was fortunate enough to have received this book when I requested it on NetGalley and I’m very excited to dig into it. I briefly read the 1st 5 pages and was absolutely hooked. I’m ready for it! (You can pre-order this guy on Amazon. It’s only $6.99 for your Kindle!)



Behold the Dreamers


2nd: Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue

This book is in Oprah’s Book Club, so it must be a great read right?! I hope so! I picked my copy up at the good ole’ Costco for about $9. (Cheaper than any other store I’ve seen this book in.) Sounds like a fantastic read.





3rd: Redeployment by Phil Klay

A National Book Award winner with a 4.5 star rating on Amazon?! Yes, please! My husband picked this bad boy out for me and I’m excited to read it. Hopefully this will provide me with a better understanding of the traumas of war and of the soldiers who come home to us.



The Young Wives Club


4th: The Young Wives Club: A Novel by Julie Pennell

The trials and tribulations of a young southern girl who has her dreams shattered and must rebuild. A bit different from the other books, but I’m hoping it’ll prove to be a great story with wonderfully charming characters.




Me Before You


**Bonus: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

I’ve heard nothing but wonderfully heartbreaking things about this book. I’m ready to have my eyes burn and my heart broken! **Bonus points if I’m about to get to this book this month! Bonus points don’t really matter and you can’t use them for anything, but they’ll make me feel better. 🙂



Do you have any of these books in your line up for August?

Did you already read one or more of these books?

Tell me what you liked/didn’t like. Tell me about your favorite characters. Tell me if there’s a major plot twist I should expect.

I want to hear your thoughts. Use that keyboard. Talk to me. 🙂

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